Newborn Skin | Northern Virginia Photographer

Gently touching and cuddling your newborn's super soft, creamy skin, keeps your baby healthy, calm, and able to rest. Nothing comes close to duplicating a mother's demonstrative affection for her baby, but the best newborn photographers try to extend similar warm, calming interactions and contact throughout picture-taking to keep the baby peaceful.  Newborn Baby Photographer Creates Images At Homes in MD DC VAAt Home Newborn Baby Photographer in MD DC VAAt Home Newborn Baby Photographer in MD DC VA

A superior photographer who specializes in newborns will have had lots of experience holding, cuddling and gently handling many, many infants, which helps her be able to anticipate the baby's needs and know what to expect next as the shoot progresses. (It isn't unusual to see Michele from Michele Jeanine Photography gently rocking or walking a newborn during a session to help him remain content!)

Newborn sessions should never be rushed. Instead, we take our time and follow the lead of the infant, making sure that she has feeding and changing breaks as needed, and always remains comfortable, cozy and restful throughout picture taking. Your photo session might take anywhere from one and a half to four hours, depending on the baby's needs that day, so we always block out four hours on our schedule. 

An interesting side note: Did you know that a mother's gentle touch not only tells her newborn she loves him, but research also shows that there's a greater purpose in skin to skin contact? The natural stimulation of massaging the baby's skin initiates hormones which prevent disease and keep your little one flourishing and serene.





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