Handcrafted in Italy


Once you touch and feel your printed images, you'll want to fill your walls, bookshelves and coffee tables with gorgeous artwork of the people you love!

We encourage our clients to print their favorite images... otherwise time passes, and USBs or downloads remain in a drawer or a box in our experience.

Since clients have a hard time deciding what to do with their images, Michele has made designing custom finished products an important element of our program. We hope you'll want to print, touch and feel your favorite images -- and then display them around you in a manner that fits with your decor and taste.

There are so many options for customizing boxes and albums with vibrant colors, textiles, embossed or metallic imprints that one piece of art never looks the same as another. And... in addition to your unique product created just for you, we also give you the digitals of any large prints or album you purchase, so that you can share them on social media and store them digitally for posterity, too!

This program is a "win-win" for clients who are looking to invest in beautiful memories! 

Our exquisite print products sport HD quality on museum-quality paper guaranteed to last for a hundred years.  If you prefer plain, un-matted prints, they are backed with styrene and are fingerprint protected, but you should know that design options exceed the norm, so you'll find it hard to resist looking through our swatches during your Ordering Appointment!

Luxurious linen, cotton and leather fabrics, an array of woodgrain side panel choices, luxurious hand-torn edges, and crisp white or black mats are standard options with many of our products. Our matted products can be framed or prepared for you to frame on your own. Custom raised foils and ink-over imprints and design details are also available for albums and photo boxes.
Most products come with elegant hanging hardware installed. 

Michele comes from an Italian heritage, so her Italian products are dear to her. She visits Italy every year to be inspired by fine art and design, both Renaissance and Contemporary, and always updates her product line with the most well-crafted options.